Debunking Common Pilates Myths

The fitness and wellbeing industry is rife with false promises and unscientific claims that can range from scamming click bait to dangerous misinformation. Pilates is not immune to this. I’ve selected 3 common Pilates claims and go through why these are misleading or outright wrong

Pilates for Endometriosis

Studies show that exercise can be used to manage a range of chronic pain conditions including endometriosis. Here are some exercises designed to improve pelvic floor health and lengthen and strengthen areas that may have become tight or dysfunctional.

Pilates for Period Pain

A recent study determined that both low-intensity exercises such as Pilates and high-intensity exercise such as aerobics may help to reduce the intensity of period pain compared to no exercise. This is almost like a mini class. It runs through breathing exercises, stretching, mobility, and then some final relaxation. You can pick and choose what…


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