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Pilates is an exercise system that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It teaches awareness of the body and the breath by using controlled and precise movements to strengthen the deep stabilising muscles. Pilates can improve balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, and reduce the risk of injury.

As a qualified Pilates teacher and Biomechanics Coach I treat the body as an interconnected whole. I use my knowledge of anatomy and movement to create classes that are fun, challenging, and suitable for all participants. I ensure there are movement variations available and each class will improve strength, improve functional movement and mobility, and make you feel better leaving than you did coming in.

Taking this approach to the body and using the Pilates method is a great and safe way to achieve your fitness goals, rehabilitate from injury, preventative rehab, and building body awareness.

I run mixed ability mat classes in Ruddington which use a variety of small equipment including resistance bands, blocks, and balls. Keep your eyes on for some equipment spotlights to show you all the benefits and fun of certain pieces!

I run small targeted workshops and courses that aim to educate and improve particular issues. Currently, I am have two on the go which is a pelvic health and a shoulder course. More information will be coming soon!

I also do 1:1 and 2:1. These can be mat based or studio based. I have a small room that I put a cadillac reformer in (photos coming soon) which is a large and very fun piece of Pilates apparatus.

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Arrived stiff, headache, stressed and generally grumpy Left with much improved movement, headache nearly gone, less stressed and generally much less grumpy.


Jo has so much knowledge of anatomy. She answers my questions without judgement and without making me feel stupid for asking. I have a shoulder problem, she listens to me, adapts exercises, and encourages me to listen to my body.