About Me


I’m Jo, when I was young I was stung by a radioactive spider and this sparked a lifelong interest in exercise and … yeah, no. I actually came from museum and archive work. I spent my days identifying ‘unidentified copper alloy object’ and looking at documents about people being fined for missing church (the reason is never as fun as you want it to be).

I went from talking to people about objects to talking to people about their body. I became interested in anatomy, intrinsic biomechanics, and movement, all of which serve me well as a Pilates teacher. I take a holistic approach to the body and want to help people improve the way their body moves whether it is to run faster, train harder, or to move freely after an injury.

I strive to make my classes a safe, inclusive, and comfortable environment because good movement should be accessible to everyone. I firmly believe that Pilates can help make lasting changes in the body.

I’m a fully qualified Pilates teacher and Biomechanics Coach. I teach mat and reformer classes, offer 1:1 and small private sessions, and run workshops and courses based around specific areas of the body or particular concerns.