What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It addresses the body as an interconnected whole. Releasing and conditioning muscles to improve functional movement and overall strength.

Joseph Pilates believed mental wellbeing and physical health were interlinked and one could not be achieved without the other. Pilates emphasis the connection between mind and body by keeping the mind present and focusing on the body’s movement.

It teaches awareness of the body and the breath, working with control and precision, and restoring optimum movement by focusing on strengthening the deep, supporting muscles.

Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all vital benefits

Joseph Pilates

Who is Pilates For?

Pilates is suitable for everyone. The exercises can be modified to individual needs by making it accessible or more challenging.

Pilates is concerned with good movement and reducing and retraining any muscular imbalances.

It can be beneficial to those of all fitness levels, experiences, and abilities.

What are the Benefits?

Pilates can help achieve lasting results whether that is improving movement, increasing your general fitness levels, or recovering from an injury.

It can help to improve overall strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, posture, and breathing techniques.